Xros Wars Albums

Below is a complete, chronological listing of Digimon Xros Wars‘ Album releases. Titles written in blue font represent tracks that are completely exclusive to that particular CD release and *cannot* be found anywhere else. I have personally translated each of the song/music/track titles on this site, and each release offers track titles in original Japanese, Rōmaji, and translated English when applicable. Enjoy!




Release Date: August 24, 2011

Catalogue Number: COCX-36904

DiGiMONMUSiC Chronology: N/A

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Track Number Track Title Track Artist(s)
01 “WE ARE クロスハート!”
“WE ARE Xros Heart!”
Kōji Wada
02 “X4B THE GUARDIAN” Kōji Wada
03 “空舞う勇者!  X5”
“Sora Mau Yūsha!  X5”
“The Sky-Dancing Hero!  X5”
Kōji Wada
04 “Evolution & DigiXros Ver. TAIKI” Kōji Wada & Takayoshi Tanimoto
05 “Evolution & DigiXros Ver. KIRIHA” Kōji Wada & Takayoshi Tanimoto
06 “BLAZING BLUE FLARE” Hideaki Takatori
07 “DARK KNIGHT ~不死身の王者~”
“DARK KNIGHT ~Fujimi No Ōja~”
“DARK KNIGHT ~The Immortal King~”
Takayoshi Tanimoto
08 “ドンドコモンで盛り上がれ!”
“Dondokomon De Moriagare!”
“Dondokomon’s Charging Up!”
Kōji Onoda & Takahiro Sakurai
09 “WE ARE クロスハート!  Ver. X7”
“WE ARE Xros Heart!  Ver. X7”
Kōji Wada, Ayumi Miyazaki, & Takayoshi Tanimoto
10 ネバギバ!”
“Never Give Up!”

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