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“Digimon Ending Best” Tracklist Revealed

A new Digimon album, tentatively called “Digimon Ending Best,” has been scheduled for release on August 01 of this year. The CD’s listing on Amazon Japan has since been updated with an early (and predictable) track listing.

01.) “I Wish” – Digimon Adventure Ending Theme 01
02.) “Keep On” – Digimon Adventure Ending Theme 02
03.) “Tomorrow My Wind Will Blow” – Digimon Adventure 02 Ending Theme 01
04.) “Always, Whenever” – Digimon Adventure 02 Ending Theme 02
05.) “My Tomorrow” – Digimon Tamers Ending Theme 01
06.) “Days –Affection And The Ordinary–” – Digimon Tamers Ending Theme 02
07.) “Innocent ~While Remaining Naïve~” – Digimon Frontier Ending Theme 01
08.) “An Endless Tale” – Digimon Frontier Ending Theme 02
09.) “One Star” – Digimon Savers Ending Theme 01
10.) “Shooting Stars” – Digimon Savers Ending Theme 02

The page does note, however, that this track listing is subject to change. It’s also worth noting that the sixth Digimon television series, Digimon Xros Wars, did not have any ending themes, thus why it is not featured on this disc. As of now, it has not yet been confirmed if the songs on this album have been newly-recorded or if we’re merely looking at a compilation of existing material. Regardless, we’ll be sure to keep you updated when more information (and coverart) is released!

– MagicBox

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