Hello, everyone! Welcome to Magic’s DiGiMONMUSiC Database! MagicBox here, and I’m really thankful to you for visiting this little fansite project of mine.

I’ve been wanting to create a complete Digimon Discography for a long, long time. Though it might sound a little silly at first, I truly believe that the original Japanese version of the Digimon franchise (especially the “golden years” of Adventure, Adventure 02, Tamers, and Frontier) has the greatest overall soundtrack of any piece of media I’ve ever seen. From Takanori Arisawa’s brilliant musical score to the plethora of amazing vocal songs performed by Kōji Wada, Ai Maeda, and others, Digimon offers a wealth of pure ear-candy that I have yet to see any other television or film series parallel (animated or otherwise).

The only problem is that there are just SO MANY Digimon music releases. As of this post, there have been nearly 150 individual CDs released under the “DiGiMONMUSiC” branding. It’s nearly impossible to keep track of them all. I’ve seen many Digimon Discoraphies on the internet, but they’re all either 1.) incomplete, 2.) untranslated, 3.) inaccurate, or 4.) all of the above. How is a potential buyer going to know which CDs they should purchase without a comprehensive guide?

This website is one humble fan’s attempt at offering a complete, up-to-date Digimon Discography. I have organized each Digimon CD according to which of the various series it represents (Adventure, Tamers, Frontier, etc.), as well as what type of release any particular CD may be (singles, albums, soundtracks, etc.). I have translated every song/music/track title personally, and each page offers track titles in original Japanese, Rōmaji, and translated English. In addition to all of that, each track is color-coded to represent songs that only appear on certain CDs.

I think that about covers it! Please have fun exploring and leave a comment if you have any questions. Also, don’t be afraid to let me know if I’ve made a typo! Thanks to WordPress for the blog! Now go buy some Digimon CDs!

– MagicBox

P.S. – Although it has nothing to do with Digimon, you’re all welcome to check out my other fansite: Magic’s Detective Agency. If you’re a fan of Detective Conan (Case Closed), I think you’ll be able to find something there that you enjoy!


  1. #1 by Andrew on February 2, 2016 - 2:37 PM

    Hey there! I must say I’m impressed with the amount of work you’ve put into this blog. As a fellow avid fan of Digimon music, I must say I’m jealous. =P

    Sorry if this isn’t the place to ask this, but I was wondering if you could help me out. I’d like to start my own collection, but I’m pretty short on money most of the time. Can you tell me what would be the most cost-effective way to get the most “complete” collection? (i.e., every song at least once — lyrical songs only for now, I can hold off on the BGMs) What is the minimum number of CDs I would need to buy to accomplish this? You can leave out the Xros Wars songs, I don’t really need those.

    • #2 by MagicBox on January 1, 2019 - 11:18 PM

      Hey there, Andrew! It’s been about three years since you left this question, and on the off chance you’re still looking for an answer, I’d like to reply. My apologies for the delayed (to put it lightly) response.

      I’d love to give you a short list of CDs to purchase for a “complete” collection, but I gotta tell you, they don’t make it easy. If you’re only interested in the main theme songs (as in, the actual songs that play in the shows themselves), you’re mostly okay just buying the “Best of” albums for each of the first five shows. If you’re looking for *everything* (image songs, character songs, Christmas albums, etc.), you’re in for a long ride. Let’s break it down by series (excluding Xros Wars and BGM, as per your request)…

      Adventure: Buy the “Best Hit Parade” and “Enemy Character Song File” albums and the “Butter-Fly ~Strong Version~” single.

      Adventure 02: Buy the “Best Hit Parade” album, all three “Best Partner” compilation albums, the “Tobira DOOR” and “Our Digital World” singles, the “Door To Summer” drama CD, and the “Christmas Fantasy” album.

      Tamers: Buy the “Single Best Parade”, “Christmas Illusion”, and “Song Carnival” albums, all 12 “Best Tamers” singles, and the “Moving On!” and “A Promise Of The Evening Sun” singles.

      Frontier: Buy the “Best Hit Parade” and “Christmas Smile” albums and the “Last Element” single.

      Savers: Buy the “Best Hits + New Character Songs” album (hey, that one was easy!).

      Additional Purchases: “Digimon Girls Festival”, “Michihiko Ōta Self-Cover Collection”, “We Love DiGiMONMUSiC”, “Digimon 10th ANNIVERSARY”, “Digimon Movie Song Collection”, “Insert Song Best Evolution”, “Insert Song Miracle Best Evolution”, and the “Door To The Future” single. (All of these additional CDs contain songs the other series CDs don’t have.)

      I wish I could say that was everything, but unfortunately, even if you purchased every single one of these CDs, you’d *still* be missing songs. It’s insane. Sadly, with a series like this, the solution to getting every song is “buy almost everything”. I feel your pain. It’s time-consuming, but I’d recommend going through the pages of this site and making a list of songs that only show up on certain CDs (the ones written in blue). It’s a lot to keep track of, but I hope this helped a little. Best of luck!

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