Digimon Frontier Dramas

Below is a complete, chronological listing of Digimon Frontier‘s CD Drama releases. Titles written in blue font represent tracks that are completely exclusive to that particular CD release and *cannot* be found anywhere else. I have personally translated each of the song/music/track titles on this site, and each release offers track titles in original Japanese, Rōmaji, and translated English when applicable. Enjoy!



Digimon Frontier Original Story
“The Things I Want To Tell You”


Release Date: April 23, 2003

Catalogue Number: NECA-30084

DiGiMONMUSiC Chronology: #107

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Track Number Track Title Track Artist(s)
01 “フロンティア メインタイトル”
“Frontier Main Title”
02 “神原拓也 / 拓也の家族への手紙”
“Kanbara Takuya / Takuya No Kazoku E No Tagami”
“Takuya Kanbara / A Letter To Takuya’s Family”
03 “織本泉 / 泉のラブレター”
“Orimoto Izumi / Izumi No Love Letter”
“Izumi Orimoto / Izumi’s Love Letter”
04 “柴山純平 / 泉を狙え!  究極の作戦!!”
“Shibayama Junpei / Izumi Wo Nerae!  Kyūkyoku No Sakusen!!”
“Junpei Shibayama / Aim For Izumi!  The Ultimate Strategy!!”
05 “氷見友樹 / 兄ちゃんへ”
“Himi Tomoki / Nii-chan E”
“Tomoki Himi / To Brother”
06 “源輝二 / 輝二から輝一へ…”
“Minamoto Kōji / Kōji Kara Kōichi E…”
“Kōji Minamoto / From Kōji, To Kōichi…”
07 “木村輝一 / 輝一から輝二へ…”
“Kimura Kōichi / Kōichi Kara Kōji E…”
“Kōichi Kimura / From Kōichi, To Kōji…”
08 “An Endless Tale (TV サイズ)”
“An Endless Tale (TV Size)”
Lyrics: Hiroshi Yamada
Composition: Michihiko Ōta
Arrangement: Michihiko Ōta
Vocals: Kōji Wada & Ai Maeda (Credited As “AiM”)
Editorial Notes & Comments:


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