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“This Time, He’s Got A REASON To Wear The Goggles.”

Er… Happy New Year!

Thanks to seemingly never-ending heaps of 15th Anniversary merchandise, cast reunions, public celebrations, and even a brand new animated series (!), 2015 has been very generous to Digimon fans. With so much excitement going on, it comes as no surprise to see a trio of new CDs coming to the ever-growing library of DiGiMONMUSiC discs.

So, without further delay… The Digimon Adventure Tri Singles page is now completed!

NECM-10231 (1)

Breaking a recent annual tradition of seeing August 01 as our “go-to release date” for Digimon CDs, three Digimon Adventure Tri singles hit stores this week on November 25. Happy Thanksgiving, indeed! Each disc features a newly-arranged and newly-recorded “Tri Version” of a theme song from the original Digimon Adventure television series (all of which subsequently serve as theme songs for Tri itself, of course). Kōji Wada, Ayumi Miyazaki, and even Ai Maeda (whose involvement here makes her the only voice cast member for the original show’s human protagonists to participate in this new series) all return to provide a new spin on their signature songs.

While not technically a DiGiMONMUSiC product, November 18 saw the release of both Standard (CD Only) and Limited (CD+DVD) Editions of Ayumi Miyazaki’s debut album (Long overdue, aren’t we?), “Show You My Brave Hearts.” The album compiles Miyazaki’s original theme songs from Digimon Adventure (“Brave Heart”), Digimon Adventure 02 (“Break Up!” & “Beat Hit!”), and Digimon Frontier (“The Last Element”), along with themes from other series including The Prince Of Tennis, Doraemon, and more. Of particular interest to Digimon fans is a brand new “Acoustic Version” of Miyazaki’s contribution to the franchise’s 10th Anniversary album, “Beyond The Memories” (“Omoide No Mukō”) and a bonus track entitled “Evolution Party Remix” (which is exactly what you probably think it is, given the title).

No additional Tri singles have currently been announced, nor has a soundtrack featuring Gō Sakabe’s musical score. If anything changes, you can rest assured we’ll let you know!

– MagicBox

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