Digimon Tamers Dramas

Below is a complete, chronological listing of Digimon Tamers‘ CD Drama releases. Titles written in blue font represent tracks that are completely exclusive to that particular CD release and *cannot* be found anywhere else. I have personally translated each of the song/music/track titles on this site, and each release offers track titles in original Japanese, Rōmaji, and translated English when applicable. Enjoy!



Digimon Tamers Original Story
“Message • In • The • Packet”


Release Date: April 23, 2003

Catalogue Number: NECA-30083

DiGiMONMUSiC Chronology: #106

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Track Number Track Title Track Artist(s)
01 “タイトルコール ~メッセージ • イン • ザ • パケット~”
“Title Call ~Message • In • The • Packet~”
02 “一年後の僕たち”
“Ichinen Ato No Boku-Tachi”
“Us, One Year Later”
03 “ジェンからテリアモンへ”
“Jian Kara Terriermon E”
“From Jian, To Terriermon”
04 “ヒロカズとケンタ”
“Hirokazu To Kenta”
“Hirokazu And Kenta”
05 “タカトからギルモンへ”
“Takato Kara Guilmon E”
“From Takato, To Guilmon”
06 “ヒロカズからガードロモンへ”
“Hirokazu Kara Guardromon E”
“From Hirokazu, To Guardromon”
07 “ケンタからマリンエンジェモンへ”
“Kenta Kara MarinAngemon E”
“From Kenta, To MarinAngemon”
08 “ジェンとシウチョン”
“Jian To Siu-Chun”
“Jian And Siu-Chun”
09 “シウチョンからロップモン, テリアモンへ”
“Siu-Chun Kara Lopmon, Terriermon E”
“From Siu-Chun, To Lopmon And Terriermon”
10 “リョウからサイバードラモンへ”
“Ryo Kara Cyberdramon E”
“From Ryo, To Cyberdramon”
11 “ルキとリョウ”
“Ruki To Ryo”
“Ruki And Ryo”
12 “タカトとジュリ”
“Takato To Juri”
“Takato And Juri”
13 “ジュリからクルモン, インプモンへ”
“Juri Kara Culumon, Impmon E”
“From Juri, To Culumon And Impmon”
14 “再びタカト, ジェン, そしてルキ”
“Futatabi Takato, Jian, Soshite Ruki”
“Once Again, Takato, Jian, And Ruki”
15 “ルキからレナモンへ”
“Ruki Kara Renamon E”
“From Ruki, To Renamon”
16 “Days –愛情と日常– (TV サイズ)”
“Days –Aijō To Nichijō– (TV Size)”
“Days –Affection And The Ordinary– (TV Size)”
Lyrics: Uran
Composition: Kaoru Ōkubo & Uran
Arrangement: Kaoru Ōkubo
Vocals: Ai Maeda (Credited As “AiM”)
Editorial Notes & Comments:


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